A guide to Radio/Waves/Communication     
All you Ever Wanted to Know About The Binary System     
My Computer attached to an Mbed Microcontroller     
Permutation Algorithm     
Keyboard Modification     


Logic Linked Daisy-Chain-able Actuator Circuit Using Relays      (Featured on Hackaday!)     
My IceCube clock modified with a TCXO      (Featured on Hackaday!)     
Binary Clock      (Featured on Hackaday!)     
BLO ShiftBright Clock      (Featured on Hackaday!)     
Futaba RC Controller to Super Nintendo      (Featured on Hackaday!)     
Homebrew Arcade Controller      (Featured on Hackaday!)     
GOL Clock      (Featured on Hackaday!)     
TCXOWatch      (Featured on Hackaday!)     


Inside my ANIMAL kart engine     
Turbo Predator Engine!      (Featured on Hackaday!)     
Cutting Gears with a friggin "LASER"      (Featured on Hackaday!)     
The Diode Machine      (Featured on Hackaday!)     
Pictures of Strippers      (Featured on Hackaday!)     
The ALX1     
Camp Generator Idea     
Dune Buggy     
Mazda Miata Transmission     
Mr.Ugly the racecar     
The Watch Page     
Bernhardt Watch     
OM10 Camera     
The Power Spool     
Yeast Proofer     
The ALX-2     
Quick and Easy Black&Decker Drill Mod     


DOOM Ultra-Light AR     
The Springfield XD     
The FANTASTIC Glock 42     
My hand-loads that I am satisfied with so far     
Machine Gun Idea     
A few links about the AR Platform that I find Interesting     
Combat Pistol Cartridge Energy to Pressure Chart     
Grip Stippling Polymer Guns     
One Guy's XD Trigger Job     
Raised Iron Sights     
Velocity and Standard Deviation Differences with LP and SP Primers     
Temperature Dynamics Bullet Study      (Commissioned by Wideners!)     
Bullet Weight Study      (Commissioned by Wideners!)     


CAD Projects     
Audio Hardware (Music)     
Mark Levinson Capacitor Upgrade     
Relay Adders and Calculators      (Featured on Hackaday!)     
Simple Fractions Tutorial     
Watch Case Repair     
The Science of Carbonation      (Referenced by the University of Oklahoma!)     
Nuclear and other attacks     
The Beer Page     
Razor Collection     
BrainLube HTML     
Anodizing Titanium     

LaTeX / PDF / Imprimis Documents    

Document Folder     


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