CAD Projects

Here are a few cad projects, un-sellable, but good designs I think. Please feel free to use any designs with all engineering/design/development credit to me. Please also download the CAD files and modify the drawings with your own ideas. I would love to post them.

Belt/Sling Release


Assembly - Autodesk Inventor
AxisPin.ipt - Autodesk Inventor
Base.ipt - Autodesk Inventor
Clip.ipt - Autodesk Inventor
gear.ipt - Autodesk Inventor

Pen Cap

Machined Ti, Linen Micarta, etc. Cap has diamond knurled band at base, and is tapped at the top, to except a threaded and bend piece of spring material. Spring can be produced from Stainless, Ti, etc. Thread is triple-start for speed of assembly.


PenCap - Autodesk Inventor

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