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This is an article against gun control.


It is necessary to illuminate that changes in social paradigms, not human beings, bring about a faster and more efficient change.  This article operates under the preconceived notion that the reader fundamentally understands people as a whole change very slowly. It is also necessary to state that archaic methodologies employed by groups such as the Roman Catholic Church, however slow to conform to an ever-changing society, make smaller errors on a larger social scale. With this faith, and the Knowledge an ideal world is unobtainable with humans, the question becomes how to save as many lives, as quickly as possible. This persuasive article, firmly against gun control, clearly states the effects imposed gun control has, and can have, on any given population. Furthermore, empirical evidence will be given on the institutional, social, and statistical effects of gun control. Gun control legislation has an absolutely negative effect on society.

America’s ever-accelerating erosion of freedoms has led its population into the precursors of a dependent state. Current gun control laws have unprecedented parallels to the legislation set forth in Germany for the sole purpose of disrupting and scouring Jews from German territory. These laws were set forth quite simply because Germany knew of a historical fact, an unarmed society is at the whims of their government, or any other armed institution for that matter. The German gun control laws were set into effect in 1928; the regulations against the Jews began in 1938. In effect, twenty million Jewish people died because they had no leverage to defend themselves. In 1970, the government of Uganda imposed a weapons ban on its people and in 1971 a massacre began that left three hundred thousand people dead (Zelman When the will of the common people can be opposed, people die. Humans are young to the earth and have not yet grown out of their infancy. Because of this, it is crucial to maintain the personal power required to harness freedom and keep tyranny at bay. A contrasting example would be Afghanistan during the cold war. The entire country raided by all the tanks, jets, bombs, and men the iron curtain could muster, Afghanistan fended off Russian occupation with nothing more than small, privately owned firearms. Just the right to bare arms is not enough for Switzerland. In Switzerland, any able bodied male must legally own a rifle. This simple truth saved Switzerland from invasion during World War II, no matter how many countries around Swiss territory had been occupied (Ross 188).

On a social scale, Switzerland, awash with guns, has a substantially lower homicide rate than England with their strict gun bans (Halbrook article11.html). This is an illusive effect of gun control. Heroin is illegal in America, yet criminals still have it. In comparison, when guns become illegal only the criminals will have them. The only effect gun control has, in this instance, is disarming the law-abiding citizens. Government mandates cannot stop the importation or manufacture of firearms or the illegal modification of an automobile. Illegal or not, right or wrong, this is just how people are. The nature of people cannot, and does not need to be changed. Our paradigm of the social syntax that binds our society together, however, does. Gun control only takes away your god-given right to defend yourself and your ideals.

Australia’s imposed gun ban lead to an influx of a crime labeled “home invasion” (Wood Criminal gangs, knowing that law-abiding citizens are unarmed, raid homes, raping and pillaging their target houses. Since the response time for law enforcement can be anywhere from two minutes to an hour, the citizens now have no control over their destiny. They now have no power to stop a criminal. They can only wait for the crime to be committed, and then maybe the criminal will be caught. In this scenario, a common citizen would have to be armed because the criminal’s expectation would be that the citizen is unarmed. American police are not legally required to protect you; this saves them from being sued (Boston 80).

An example of the crime increasing effect of gun bans can be realized at fast food restaurants. Current gun control laws in America give states the right to provide concealed carry permits for its citizens, however, typically outside these places there is a sign posted noting “Concealed Weapons Prohibited”. As all peaceful, law-abiding people will most assuredly leave their firearms in their car, criminals now know they can hold that place up and are all but guaranteed they will not get shot.

The media skews effects of gun control. Media coverage on gun control equates to comparing baseball to a man throwing a banana at a wall; the numbers just do not add up. The true statistical data is very different. As of 2005 the number of physicians in America was seven hundred thousand, the accidental deaths caused by these physicians were one hundred and twenty thousand people for that year. This factors to 0.171 deaths per physician. There are 80,000,000 gun owners in the United States; the number of accidental deaths in all age groups for that same year was one thousand five hundred people. That makes accidental deaths per gun owner 0.000188. “Statistically doctors are 9000 times more likely to kill a person than a gun owner. Guns don’t kill people, doctors do” (Rense Should we ban doctors? In 1987 Florida issued over one million concealed carry permits. During a five month span only one hundred and fifty-seven licenses had been revoked for a crime, or .01 percent, not exactly a crime wave (Agresti A current illustration of the concept that the right to bare arms can save lives can be seen in comparing Kennesaw, Georgia to the United Kingdom. In Kennesaw, you are legally required to own a gun; in the United Kingdom guns are outlawed. The gun crime rate of Kennesaw is 1 per 30,000 plus guns. In the United Kingdom, it is 1 per 11,111 guns because only the criminals have them (Cobb Some of the mainstream media seems to miss these important truths. They report a crime and blame it on the firearm, not the operator.

The overall effect of gun control, through historical evidence and current events, shows that gun control simply causes more crime, death, and tyranny. People should have the right to make decisions concerning their freedom. This equips us with the ability to save lives rather than wait to be a victim. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” ( The new injustice is gun control. The American government and countless other institutional forces constitute a grave threat to freedom and liberty. This is a direct result of the injustices of government imposed gun control legislation. The erosion of gun rights should be taken as a preemptive strike on the citizenry, conscious or not.





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