The Portable Camp-Generator Idea.

The idea is portable power

that is light and unobtrusive

enough to be hiked into and out

of a camp site.

The Camp-Generator would

charge batteries for phones,

radios, flashlights, GPS, and

cameras. One could also plug

in a heating matte for safe,

flame-free, tent climate


This machine is steam powered.

The Camp-Generator sucks water

into an expansion chamber in

much the same way an auto-drip

coffee maker pulls water into

a filter. Using the heat from your

portable camp stove the Camp-

Generator will produce 700 Watts

of usable electricity, at moderate


The Camp-Generator

Project is very open

ended. In fact a steam

piston would most probably

produce more torque at a

greater efficiency. However

If it is between wasting

white-gas and water, water

is cheap, and more or less,

not in short supply, depending

on were you camp.


The exhaust port will have a brass

tube with an adjustable valve for

water feed pressure, when heated,

because of the differing thermo-

mechanical properties of the

metals, the tube will form a seal

with the case.

This end will be connected to the

boiler, again with a brass sheath.

This side will contain an

automatic pressure valve, to

prevent the boiler from exploding

in the event there is an

obstruction in the compression