The Glock 42

.380 ACP

Geometry and internal ballistics (power to pressure link and history of .45 ACP)

SAMMI Geometry on .380ACP
SAMMI Pressure and Velocity on .380ACP
Information on the .380ACP
Energy/Pressure Chart with .380ACP

External ballistics (Buffalobore site)

The below links are just for a reference since I know that Buffalobore data always test out to be correct (for me). I have not yet tested these loads for function or velocity.

BuffaloBore velocity/energy/bullet drop Information (Standard Load)
BuffaloBore velocity/energy/bullet drop Information (+P Load)

Glock trigger way more satisfying than other striker fired triggers (to me). Maybe not be as capable to shoot as well as an XD (see link) but it is very satisfying
Why I Heart The XD

I have since taken out this mod, without a stiff wrist and light ammo, the trigger is simply not reliable enough to reset every time. I'll use this mod when I am target shooting, but not for carry.

The Glock trigger can be VASTLY improved by simply taking up the over-travel in the trigger. I'm sure the pros have their ways, I simply installed a set screw in the trigger. With the Glock you cannot take it completely out because the over travel is what puts tension on the trigger bar, but you can get it REAL close!

You must stick something in the rear under the slide to release the striker when you set the over travel wrong. (because you must release the striker to get the slide back off)

This, by the way, is how automatic Glocks work. A striker retaining plate, with a wire/bar/piece of metal sticking into the gun under the slide, slides between the disconnect and the striker. There is a bevel on the piece of metal that forces the trigger bar back down, out of the way of the striker, releasing it to fire every time the side is pushed fully forward. (so long as the trigger is pressed)

Here are some links to automatic Glocks:

Full Auto-Glock
FSS-G -- a manufacturer of Automatic Glocks (just the striker back-plate, any Glock can be made full-auto)
Glock with Selector Switch
Video of a Full Auto Glock

Glocks are incredibly well designed machines. They use good materials, and hold high tolerances. Most of what I saw during a certification course at Academi (Blackwater) were Glocks and even some select USA military groups are picking them up (see link below). In fact I do not really understand why you would want a hammer fired sidearm for combat. The striker fired slide can be hammered on from the back, it is relatively sealed from the elements, and the triggers on such weapons have become very VERY good!

Marines Choose Glock!

I also enjoy the look of a Glock. Many people find them ugly, that's fine, they are a serious combat tool, not a prom queen. Form follows function. In a world where my car decides when I should wear a seat-belt, or lock my doors; in other words, the servant machine is telling the master human whats best the Glock only does what you tell it, every time. The markings on the sidearm reflect that. No fancy images, or many different fonts like on the phisher-price-like XD. Just the facts ma'am.

Other Glock and G42 Links

On Glock Perfection
Lucky Gunner -- This is a great site
Cook - Holsters
Ghost Incorporated (Triggers and Disconnects)


Glock 42 is still slightly staggered in the magazine (not truly a single-stack). Rotating bullets when they feed, which is a good thing.

Glock Magazine Mod. The Glock 42 and its magazines are made so that the user can reverse the magazine catch for right or left handed shooting. In the left hand I actually prefer the right hand controls. The issue is that the magazines have cut outs on each side, the opposite side of the magazine catch actually catches on the magazine walls if you push too forcefully on the mag release. To prevent this, you can shave just a small amount of plastic off of the magazine on the opposite side of the catch. These magazines will no longer work if you decide to put your mag catch on the other side of your pistol, but they will work much better in the current configuration.

In the end the magazines still get pinched within the walls of the thin polymer grip of the 42, so anything but the lightest touch will keep the magazines from dropping free, modified or not.

Magazine Modification

The magazine may be modified to shoot Hollow-points (although there are few reasons to shoot them in .380ACP), and other flat-nose rounds (which are useful to increase penetration). Take small needle-nose pliers and carefully bend out the front lip of the magazine. Then shave the plastic in the front to re-create a flat front face to the magazine again. If you cut all the way to the metal, thats no big deal it will still load and fire, you just run the risk of scratching up the inside of your magazine well when reloading. Nothing a new mag wont fix.

Firing the G42 Underwater

Not an important feature, but if you're curious on how to modify your Glock to fire underwater reliably, here's the trick.. Drill the striker debris hole, with a 1/8 inch drill. I'm sure this is messing with many other variables, however the pistol works fine wet and dry, so far. The striker channel fills with water turning the striker into a water piston, putting light primer strikes on hard primers. This mod allows with water to be pushed forward with less resistance thus providing enough force to successfully ignite the primer every time. (so far)


The G42's sights are horrible. They are plastic and YOU CAN MOVE THE REAR SIGHT WITH YOUR THUMB. This is a good thing since somehow the rear sight became misaligned in my pocket. This has only happened once so far, but there's no excuse for that. Further, the front sight is screwed from the bottom (like all Glocks) there is no reason to not dove-tail the front sight, except maybe for strength, but they could still beef up the bottom of the slide, if they were worried. (just my opinion).

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