The World’s Best Kite Retrieval System.






The idea was to quickly retrieve my kite without doing much.


First I rebuilt the Reel, it had to be a bait caster so the spool wouldn’t bird’s-nest.


Penn is now my favorite reel, this one is made in the USA!!! It is of very good construction and engineering.


A seven gear-train total, (eight when I’m done with it). Clock-wise rotation of the crank gives counter-clock-wise rotation of the spool and counter-clock-wise rotation of the indexing shaft for the guide follower. 




I had made the motor for one of the ALX-1 experiments.


Tuned down (lower voltage), it was still a good 300 watts so I used a switch triggered relay.


I wired a switch and the normally closed relay contacts (in series with the motor) in parallel with a 7.2 volt RC car battery.


It worked great for a while, then burned (melted the solder off) the contact off the inside connection of the relay contact.


It will need a Solid-state relay in the future but I’m just using a 120volt 30 Amp home fuse to switch it now.


Man and it goes, probably about or around 100 feet per second, with a small kite and no wind, really, ~100 feet per second, tested in a park.




Rebuild Photo






IMG_0149_2.jpgIMG_0150_2.jpgIMG_0151_2.jpgIMG_0152_2.jpg The reversing gear for
the follower shaft (below)

IMG_0153_2.jpg The gear I attached, an HPI gear.
IMG_0154_2.jpgIMG_0155_2.jpgIMG_0156_2.jpgIMG_0158_2.jpgIMG_0160_2.jpgIMG_0165_2.jpg This is what I milled
in between the two aluminum pieces are washers that set the mesh. The motor must turn clock-wise (looking at the motor)
IMG_0169_2.jpg I had to mill (drill) the bottom posts out of the project box to make room for the relay and switch.

IMG_0171_2.jpgIMG_0172_2.jpgIMG_0173_2.jpgIMG_0174_2.jpgIMG_0175_2.jpgIMG_0176_2.jpgIMG_0177_2.jpgIMG_0178_2.jpgIMG_0179_2.jpgIMG_0180_2.jpgIMG_0181_2.jpgIMG_0182_2.jpgIMG_0183_2.jpg Charging the battery.

Thanks to Aaron for the Reel.


Image with Solid State Relay installed

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