Razors then and now

My father was in the plastics business at one time and called on Gillette. He started collecting the razors a long time ago, and he gave them to me. I have also started collecting them and their really starting to stack up!

Norelco SpeedShaver

This is a plastic cased, carbon brushed, ac motor driven shaver. The motor is unusual in that it rotates in a clockwise rotation instead of the standard counter clockwise rotation of other motors. It is wired the same way a Milwaukee Drill is wired. I rebuilt it, these are the pictures I took while I reassembled it. To sharpen the blades I used a genuine Arkansas stone from Case Knives.

Sunbeam Shave Master

This shaver works like Wahl trimmers. It uses the 60Hz cycles from the AC to oscillate the blade; It is 6 watts. The case is Bakelite (phenolic) .

Gillette Techmatic

This is an interesting razor, The blade (cartridge) is a roll of sharpened steel. When the exposed blade becomes dull, the user rotates the level on the head of the razor to expose a new sharp edge by advancing the roll of steel. Much like a ribbon in a typewriter.

The Rolls Razor (Aluminum case)

This is the famous Rolls Razor, this one has an aluminum case and is missing the handle. It works by rack and pinion; both sides of the case come off. One side is the strop and other side is the hone. because of the orientation of the gear and rack, when the hone side is on, the blade is pulled forward. When the strop side is on, the blade is dragged backwards. The orientation of the strop and hone plates are kept on the correct sides because of different latching systems on the strop side and the hone side.

Gem Razor

Gem razor; this holds what are called painter's blades now.

Adjustable Gillette

The controls on the neck control the pitch of the blade.

Gillette Atra

According to my father, this was a big deal when it came out. The first swiveling head razor. It also used high-tech (at the time) plastics in it's construction.

Celluloid Handled Razor

The handle of this one is the same material that old billiard balls were made of.

Two Gillettes

More from the world's greatest disposable safety razor co.

Gillette Twin II

These used cartridges that slid into place rather than clicking in from the top.

Gillette Razor

These razors were after the Atra and before the Mach-3s.

The Mighty Mach-3

What a wonderful razor this was. Just a pleasure to shave with, and this is the razor that started the multi-blade razor war. To tell you the truth, for me, any more than three blades and it gets to hard to do technical shaving in tight spots like under the nose. Manufacturers eventually addressed this by placing a single blade on the back of the multi-bladers' cartridges.

The First Vibrating Razor The Gillette Fusion

The Fusion also started a razor revolution with many razor manufacturers jumping on the band wagon.

Brass Razor

Knurled brass razor.

Gem Razors

More Gem Razors.

The Wilkinson Sword

I know very little about this razor. If anyone does know something about it, please email me.

Gillette Trac 2)

Another Trac II.

Post Atra Gillette

This one came right after the Atra.

Gillette Atra

Very pretty razors.

Schick Razor

Schick razor of plastic and nickle plated steel. (looks like)

Brass Razor

Another brass razor.

Gillette Mach-3

Some of my favorite razors.

Kewtie Razor

This is an interesting razor, designed just for ladies. even the blades are smaller, I don't know when it came out, and again, if anyone knows please email me.

Autostrop Safety Razor Co. Valet

Great idea here, the autostroping razor will strop itself at the perfect angle, every time, in seconds. the user places a mini strop strip in between two geared (i love gears) rollers. These rollers flip the blade in the opposite direction that the strop is being pulled, there by always pulling the edge of the blade against the strop. neat.

General U.S. Issue Safety Razor

either WWII, Vietnam, or both. Please email if you know.


More Gillettes

Stainless Steel Rolls Razor

This is another razor I really enjoy. This is a Rolls razor same as the one above except the case is stainless. The Blade is still a carbon steel alloy (a very hard alloy) but the case is stainless, heavy, and magnificent.

Dovo Straight Razor

This is the razor I currently use. They are in production, and this one uses an entry level plastic handle. It works just as good as any other and it is the steel that counts. This Dovo uses Swedish carbon steel, There are many different alloys and even stainless ones, but many people believe the carbon alloys still take a better edge. The handles can come in many different satisfying materials such as Micarta, jigged bone, acrylic acetate, and so on. There are also many different blade profiles to suit your needs.

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