I need a classier stripper.

It's crap. This type of wire stripper is hard on the insulation, the wires, and does a horrible job. It's not easy to use at all, and forget getting uniform lengths from it. Just throw these in your tackle box.

A good stripper This style of wire stripper lets you set the length of the wire to be exposed. This is a good design, and will give you uniform lengths, but it is hard to use and is hell on the wires.

Adjustable You can adjust for the length to be stripped and the gauge of the wire very easily.

I EAT WIRES FOR BREAKFAST These really do a quick, relatively god job. However, it's hard to get a uniform length out of them. So I modified a pair.

Modified Strippers I drilled and tapped the plate that holds the guillotine (blades).

They work great!You can adjust the length by adding or subtracting brass washers from the inner side of the wire stop.

Quick Fix There is lots of room for a better design. For instance, it does take a little time to change the bare wire length.

Great for production work. But, if you need to do a million of the same lead like I do for McAlpine Devices and MacsBoost they work great!

Some more stripper glamor shots You do need to be just slightly more careful as you now have limited visibility.

Low maintenance At first I was worried that the stripper would load up with insulation.

Low maintenance But, as it turns out there is just enough room in there to keep the device relatively self cleaning. These strippers absolutely create the highest quality parts for a manual stripper to date.

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