The Home Made Wort Chiller on the Cheap

Here's How:

Get 20 feet of copper tubing around 5/8 diameter.

Since it usaually comes curled up anyway,just spread and form the coils to just fit in your boiling kettle.

You can make connections to connect it to your garden hose, but I soldered on connections to fit it to my faucet, then I soldered a brass barb to except cheap garden hose for the drain water, I just feed it into my ketchen sink drain.

Make sure you use LEAD FREE silver solder to sweat the joints, you know, so you don't die. I still don't think it's as big a deal as everyone thinks though.

Make sure you heat the part not the solder, and use flux. Just place to solder on one point of the pipe, the capallary action of the solder will pull it around the entire joint.

I like to put the wort chiller in about 1 minute before the boil ends to sanitize it (the easy way). It has never infected the beer, nor hads it left a metalic taste.

Rapid chilling of the wort after the boil creates a very clairified beer, and helps keep important acids where they belong.

The Science of Carbonation

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