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Suppressor on the cheap!

This is a neat find. This guy sells an adapter to turn an oil filter into a Suppressor otherwise known as a Silencer. You still need the ATF tax stamp to buy the 1/2 by 28tpi female to 1/2 male plumbers pipe thread because it is a suppressor, but it's only 75 bucks (plus the 200 dollar tax stamp) still cheaper than a a built can. Here are some links:

Click here for the Youtube video
Click here for his site

A word about the standard XD magazines

The standard 13-round magazines do not need the molded plastic piece (that fits over the magazine) to work in the compact .45 XD (that comes with a 10-round mag). However, If you plan to force the mag into the gun, and use that force to allow your finger to actuate the slide release, you WILL need to keep the mag-grip-extenders in place. This is because they keep the magazine from going too far into the pistol. without them, if you force the magazine into the frame and releasing the slide with the same action, the slide-release will not be able to dis-engage. the magazine will be in the way, interfering with the slide-catch's path. Not a big deal, but it is worth noting.


There is something about disassembling a device and understanding what each and every component does. It makes you somehow, a master of it, or it makes the device an extension of you. Guns are amazing pieces of art in that everything on a tactical firearm is there for one purpose, to work, well. That is all. There are some pretty ÒFisher-PriceÓ guns out there now, but for the most part this is true. Everything on a weapon like this one serves more than one purpose, nature does the same thing, itÕs just more efficient. For instance, the slide retaining spring also puts tension on the takedown handle. The entire XD-45 can be completely disassembled with just one tool, a punch. Like a Glock, there is not one screw on an XD. I like this mantra. ÒComplexÓ is neat in a lot of things, but guns need to be as simple as possible, and simply work, well. On this page, IÕve tried to talk about all the modifications out there for the XD (that I have seen while IÕve been surfing for stuff to do to my own XD). But some stuff, like these extended magazine releases, you just donÕt need, or at least I donÕt. They donÕt change the angle, just the length, so now it just gets in the way, AND IT WORKED JUST FINE BEFORE. LEAVE IT ALONE.



My take on the famous Glock vs. Springfield XD argument.


The Glock and the XD are both extremely good at fulfilling their intended purpose. Taking into mind that a smart, physically fit, skilled shooter, with a junker gun will ALWAYS win over a scumbag with the finest equipment, it really does come down to personal preference. In that, I prefer the XD because IÕm left handed and the XD employs an ambidextrous magazine release. This lets me do something I have never before done, take a magazine out correctly. The other side of this battle is ignorance. There is nothing on these firearms that has not been meticulously thought out. For instance the XD has been hailed for its metal magazines where GlockÕs are plastic (on the outside). I hate this because during quick magazine changes the XDÕs Frame gets scratched up inside the handle, big scratches. I would much rather replace a magazine then a frame. Glock doesnÕt have this problem and I have also never had to replace a Glock magazine. My XD has NEVER misfired after about 4000 or 5000 rounds, it has only failed to feed once with ONE cheap reloaded Hollowpoint after I had shot a bag of them. (11 bucks for 50 rounds in 2007, I mean weÕre talking cheap). The barrel is thicker in a Glock and the rifling is a better geometry. Where the Glock has some bent metal as a guide for the slide, the XD has a milled steel billet guide. And again, I donÕt know how important this is since the original design of the SC2000 (XD, which was engineered and built for the Croatian war) had ALL PLASTIC guides. The finish is the same on the newer models of XD and Glock and it is hard. If you donÕt believe me, just rub your keys on the finish (of either gun) and you will have a fine metal powder. Both guns have a nearly infinite number of hop-ups and third party parts, 80 percent of which you donÕt need and are crap.







The XD-45 comes with a 10 round and a 13 round magazine

The Left side shows the slide release and the takedown lever

Shown with extended magazine

Ambidextrous magazine release

Back strap safety

Trigger safety

Tactical model extends beyond the frame

Stock (steel) front sight

Cocking status indicator, stock rear sight (steel) and chamber status indicator

Right side



My beginning attempts at case annealing

Three things highly effective people must have.

Militec-1 and BreakFree-CLP are the best gun lubes in the World I'm serious!! While we are on the subject I would also like to state that RCBS is the best reloading equipment in the world, and their customer service, however long the wait, is a real live human, that you can understand, is very pleasing to talk to, and informed. Plus they are an American company.

RCBS Reloading 1-800-533-5000

TIP: Alex's Magic Media Renewer: 150ml of White gas (Coleman Fuel), 1Tbs of Semi- chrome polishing paste, and a couple of squirts of Naphtha (lighter fluid) to a tumbler full of media. Dump the concoction in the used media in the tumbler with no brass in it and run for five minutes. Then put your brass in and run like to did before, and prepare to be impressed! This has never blown up on me, but it might. So don't try the above recipe. If you do not have any of these Items, just a 1/2 cup of Kerosine seems to work well also