Arcade Action at home


Around Six years ago I bought a stand up arcade of Aero Fighters. I still play it, though not as regularly as I used to. It’s a great game, but I’ve played it before. In an effort to cheaply expand my “arcade” game collection but still retain the feel of a true arcade control set, I’ve made this stick. It is really quite easy to build and very inexpensive. The only “real” stick with a USB out I could find on the internet was VERY expensive, much nicer than mine, but pricey. I purchase the stick and the buttons (and the gears for that matter) from and the 4021 Shift-Registers I reused from my RC-to-SuperNintendo mod. I already had a SNES-to-USB adapter so thats what gets it talking to the computer. The link above will give you all the information to build the electronics portion of this build.

I used an inexpensive plastic container from Wal-Mart for the enclosure, and cut a piece of Lexan to add strength and reduce flex that is mounted to the underside of the top. I used stainless Allen bolts to mount the stick so my friends with their beer soaked, popcorn stained fingers will not corrode my new control.


The Build

Here is a gear train I installed to and a mechanized sound with feed back from a computer, I have abandoned it for now. The idea was to create a driver that would send the caps lock command to the stick as it would a keyboard to control rumble.


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