B.L.O. ShiftBrite Clock

The idea is a clock that can be read quicker than a digital clock. A color will instinctually give the observer the time. I may make a 24 hour clock in the future, but for now this one works in a 12 hour rotation. Please click on the links at the top of the page for more information.

This method of course sacrifices resolution and accuracy for speed, but I will be happy to get within 15 minutes of the true time, more than enough to run most of my days. Within a week of using this clock with a digital clock beside it to learn with, I could accurately obtain the hour, and as of this writing, I can get to within +- 30 minutes of the true time, just by looking at the color.... Most of the time.... If I cannot reliably get more accurate time than this, I just made a really complicated Mood Box. I’ll let you know in a month.

The math is pretty straight forward and I explain it in comments in the code section, no it is not a masterpiece, but it gets the job done. 12 is all colors Red, Green, and Blue fully on to create White. As minutes pass the color will end up fully Green at 3. At 6 the color will be fully Blue. and at 9 the color will be fully red. From 9 to 12 of course the color will approach White again.






To Set the clock. You flip the switches to the hour first. For example for 9 you would flip the 8 switch and the 1 switch, then hit LOAD. Next you select the quarter the minutes reside in. For instance, minute 38 would be in the third quarter (the third switch) then hit LOAD. Finally, indicate the remainder in binary (8) so flip the binary 8 switch and hit LOAD. The time is then set.









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