Shows car assembled,

without motor mount.

Shows extended

wheelbase for high-speed

stability, and smaller pinion

drive gear.

Rear suspension re-drilled

for high force low travel

(reducing reaction time on

flat surfaces) aluminum turn

buckles reduce unsprung

weight. Click on blueprint

to download the motor-mount

DXF file.

Steering has been modified

to reduce the Ackerman

System's effect. (Improving strait line

stability) I made the device to the

right to split the PWM signal to two

ESCs. The heat-sink is for a 5 volt

regulator to supply power to the

receiver as the voltage off of the BEC

will be way to high.

The servo is a CS-71metal,

the idea is very slow, very high

torque. The servo horn has been

redrilled for a very low attack.

To the right is the original motor


Pictures of the new motor

mount installed. Susan

designed the piece in

autodesk inventor, and it

was milled at Charlotte

Machine co.

These pictures show

were the battery brace

has been moved to reduce

chassis flex during


The Motors I made from Trinity and

Reedy 540 cans. These are PMDC

brushed motors the armatures are

12turn 2 wind at 24 deg. advanced

timing.Both motors have NFeB

(NeoDymium) Magnets!!! they will run

at 14.4 volts with seperate power


Keep Checking for updates,

the ALX-1 should be ready by

06-01-04. Last updated 11-17-03.


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